Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Withdrawal of Dialysis- is it suicide?

I have points that I wanted to share with readers.

I found an article during my pleasure time last month. I was in Klinik Norlila, Taman Teratai JB doing locum. That time my wife had a course in Batu Pahat.

Some point to ponder from the articles which I read.

Withdrawal of Dialysis

In developed country, withdrawal of dialysis was around 30% of mortality which related among dialysis patient, apart from MI and hepatorenal failure.

The article make up a point that dialysis was an artificial ways of keeping patient alive. Which I believe is true. And in my opinion it is patient choice whether he/ she should accept dialysis as therapy, or withdraw from the therapy in purpose.

The article also allowing withdrawal of dialysis because allowing death to occur by nature is not considered as suicide. It consider of accepting realities.

Decision withdrawal of dialysis should not be made by patient alone. It should involve 3 parties. Patient - psychiatrist and renal physician. The role of psychiatrist was to ensure that patient made their decision in their clear state of mind, rational; which is in other word, exclude depression. Depression can alter patient decision.

Furthermore, there is also role of Palliative care which has not yet established in our country except from NGOs which play a big role in it. Symptomatic care and supportive care can ease patient during the dying process.

What about Islamic thought in relation of withdrawal of dialysis or any withdrawal of treatments which may harm patient in long run? I hope found an article which I can share.


p/s: March 12th is World Kidney Day. Save your kidneys.

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